• Eimear Stassin

The Call of the Wild

When Police batons are used to beat the sacred drum of change,

rather than beating the crap out of people…

When we sit in multi-racial circles to listen,

and witness each other's tears,

rather than tearing each other apart with poisonous, intoxicating gas…

When we admit once and for all that bullets do kill, even the plastic ones, and instead cast our bullet points onto paper to write a whole new story…

When we connect with the earth beneath our feet

instead of stamping out voices with brutal, bloodthirsty force…

When we truly empathise with The Others’ perspective and choose to understand, really understand, with deep curiosity…and ask:

What’s it like for you?

When we sing from a place of solidarity....

we can sing our way through this chaotic bloody mess…

When we join forces to sweep up the crumbled toxic heap of shitty shameful foundations upon which our systems were built….

Only then can we begin to remember our fundamental truth; with foundations that are rooted in the primal elemental forces of creation:







Do not restrain me.

Do not push me violently to the ground.

You cannot quench the eternal flame of my soul…

with your size 11 sole.

My breath is not your property to rob away from me.

I am not out to provoke.

Your machismo acts of brute force are such a joke.

Do not assume I am a threat.


Let go of your judgement.

Place assumptions to the side.

Raise your hands.

Surrender your arms.

Come sit with me.

Get to know me,

as the loving soul that I am.

So join me, dear sisters and brothers.

Lets walk the path(s) home.

Like pilgrims being called to unite in circle,

where our sacred sovereignty resides.

Together, we must rebuild our true foundations in a future that’s rooted in life giving systems.

When; only then…

It’s time to come home.

Do you hear the call of the wild, dear child?

It’s calling you home to your sovereign center.

- Eimear Stassin x

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