• Eimear Stassin

The Great Hunger

My ancestors lived beside the Wild Atlantic Ocean in the South West of Ireland.Many of them still do. With a staple diet of mainly fish, I always thought we weren’t affected by the Irish Famine.

The Great Hunger, as it was also known, happened when the potato crop, the main source of sustenance for the Irish people at the time, failed. From 1845 onwards, lasting over 6 years. Many had a choice between starving, emigrating, or getting creative with their food sources.

I recently heard the story passed down the generations of how my Great Great Grandmother, Mary, helped a mother and her 4 children during this time. They called to her house in search of food or some form of sustenance to feed their starving bodies. The great hunger had consumed them and they were literally skin and bone, their clothes hanging off them.

Too weak to eat, Mary still gave them food to warm their empty bellies and they went on their way, up the lane and onwards out of Dingle town.

A neighbour found them the next morning, huddled together by the side of the lane. They hadn’t gone far before they must have lain down together. The mother protecting her children as they lay, safe now, still and lifeless in what must have been their final hours.

It was a very sad time for the community who mourned this family.

It was a very dark time in Ireland’s history.

There's a great hunger within me to heal the parts of myself that I don’t always know need healing. For myself; for past and future generations.

There’s a great hunger within me to take my place in the healing journey of our world.

Do you have a great hunger within you that’s asking for your attention?

What is it?

This is the journey.

To you and your healing journey,

Eimear x

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