• Eimear Stassin

The Headteachers' Office + A Delicious Offering

"Who uttered those words?", she asked. Her shrill voice ringing out around the classroom.

"I did", I said, raising my honest hand. It had just innocently eeked out in the moment, some sort of cheeky response to our substitute teacher's question.

"To the Headteacher's Office, now", she commanded.

Off I compliantly went. Eyes lowered as I stepped out the door of the classroom. I must have been about 9 years old, maybe older. I remember walking across the school playground to the Headteacher's quarters. Opening the door and down the narrow corridor, the smell of freshly cut flowers assailing my tender nostrils. Footsteps echoing on the brown tiled floor, I knock and enter her office.

It was like entering the confessional box of my youth. I don't remember what words we exchanged. And regardless of her kindness, the cocktail of emotions were awakening within me. Being sent to the Headteacher's Office was the ultimate penalty for misbehaving. Something we all wanted to avoid at all costs, being the good girls that we were.

As I retraced my steps back to class, with wobbly lower lip and tear stained cheeks, the doors of guilt, fear, shame, confusion had opened just long enough for me to stuff this experience behind before locking them and throwing away the key.

And on I went with my life, following that same pattern of locking any unsavoury emotions away until those doors bulged so much that they just had to shoot open, allowing all these experiences and emotions to tumble right on out!

This is all part of journeying back to reconnect with the soul truth of who you are. By healing that which wants to be healed in that moment. Whatever is surfacing. Stuffing down and locking away may work in the short term, in survival mode, yet sooner or later, they will eeek out in unappetizing ways.

These days, when memories like these surface that bring up negative emotions or limiting beliefs (however minor or insignificant they may seem), I welcome them back into the fold like lost wee spring lambs to acknowledge, reconnect with, forgive and release back to earth to be transmuted in whatever way is best. It's incredibly freeing, healing and dare I say easeful!

I've learnt many practical and empowering ways over the last few years to do this. One modality in particular of Soul Based Coaching infuses all that I do now in life and work with transformative results.

With that, I am honoured to announce that the doors are opening to the Feminine in Coaching, in conjunction with The Academy for Soul Based Coaching. An 8 week Introduction to the Soul Based Coaching Way where I share this way of living and working with yourself or clients in radically sustainable ways. Whether you are a healer, helper, corporate professional...seeking a feminine & balanced approach to work and life in ways that work with your soul truth. I will share more on Monday, and, for now, you can have a sneak peek/enrol HERE.

Eimear x

PS: This is the seventeenth installment of the 21 Days Writing Series that I'm taking part in called The Journey: Into Your Soul Truth of Who You Are in Your Life and Work.

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