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The Journey: Beyond the Edges of Possibility

I want to see the stars in The Bush again and listen to the songlines of the Aboriginal peoples.

I wrote these words in my travel diary at the end of our first day of this part of our journey.

It was 3rd December 1999. I was on a year long round-the-world trip with my now husband. We were on a whirlwind 5-day tour of the center of Australia for our birthdays. I'm so glad I wrote and kept these diaries whilst on my travels, since, 20 years on, I can dip into them and be instantly transported back to those times and the rich memories and feelings that these handwritten entries from my younger self evoke.

With the ongoing Bushfires in Australia, I've being thinking a lot about our travels during 99/2000. I'm drawn to Uluru again and again.

How awe inspiring it was to walk around this gloriously rocky mass and experience the full blast of this red centers' humidity and heat.

How magically she rises out of the flat bush. So symbolic of the force and power of mother nature.

How mesmerising she is in her changing palette of moods.

We watched the changing colours over Uluru as it got redder and redder. It was beautiful.

Last week I visualised Uluru surrounded in golden light. She was radiating her light across the lands of Australia and beyond. It was her radical and loving act of healing for her land.

I feel like the sacred sites of the earth are calling just now. Calling out to those who will listen. Many already are.

I feel it's time to remember why we're here. The journey of where we have come from and where we can individually and collectively journey to, beyond the edges of what any one of us believes is possible right now.

I feel it's time now to really and truely listen. To listen deeply within, to ourselves, aswell as to what's happening in our external environment and beyond.

I believe it's time to reconnect, remember and reclaim who we are on this journey through life.

We can start by reflecting on our unique journey and on our memories up to this point, in order to bring them into our current levels of consciousness. Which is where my reflections on my travelling journey have brought me just now, revealing new levels of understanding and awareness for me.

Are you ready?

I'm really excited to offer you this series of daily blogs over the next 21 weekdays, starting tomorrow (Tuesday 28th Jan) where I will revisit and share aspects of my journey; the peaks and troughs and the stuff in between!

Through these daily blogs, I hope to:

~ inspire you to consider your journey. To walk with and meditate on your unique memories. Your highs and lows and everything in between. As an act of remembering and healing.

~ stand strong, rooted in your power, knowing that you are exactly where you are meant to be right now on your journey.

~ help you deepen your understanding of who you are in relation to your unique journey in order to fill you with courage to take brave new steps into your vision of your future, beyond the edges of what you believe is possible right now.

Will you join me on this journey?

To you and your unique journey,


We headed off to our bushcamp in the middle of nowhere. A rainbow had formed around the sun, telling us that a lot of moisture was in the air. A storm was near. We ate dinner and watched the sun set, casting its colours over the huge sky; played the Digeridoo; rolled out our swag bags as the wind whispered through the Mulga Trees. Lying on the iron-oxide deep ochre coloured sands, we fell asleep to the warm earthy smells of the night and the noisy sounds of the bush.

Photo Credit: I took this section of photo from of a canvas that we purchased from The Mount Ebenezer Roadhouse Art Gallery painted by Ruth Dixon from the Imanpa Aboriginal Community. Painted in the western desert "dot" painting genre. It hangs proudly in our house to remind us of our travels.

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