• Eimear Stassin

The Mother

My Great Grandmother, Nora, birthed 12 children.

I don’t know what surprised me most about this – the fact she gave birth to 12 children or the fact that I only learnt this recently.

12 children.

That’s 12 birthing cycles over the course of her lifetime.

12 magical human creations!

What a commitment that was!

There’s a line of strong humble women woven throughout our family history who nurtured their role as home keeper, garden tender and child raiser along with many being entrepreneurs and business owners, possibly healers too.

These women are so humble in fact that I’ve had to do a bit of archaeological excavation work to learn all of this, as I piece the story of the grander journey together.


In doing so, this grants me a stronger connection to my ancestors. To those who have paved the way for my life today. This stronger connection gives me the utmost appreciation and inner strength to continue to follow my unique path; to bring balance to all of the aspects of who I am and to inspire my children (and you!) to do the same.

I feel like a curious child lifting up the piles of stones and rubble to unearth the clues and cues from our ancestral past. I hope in hundreds of years’ time, our family lines will be sharing stories of us now with as much awe, warmth and humility in how we paved the path on which they too will journey. This creates a great sense of belonging within me.

Pat McCabe, Woman Stands Shining, said;

“Women must step into the authority of The Mother.”

The difference this makes to our earth, our world, when we are fully in our authority is transformative.

To you and your whole journey in~to your authority,

Eimear x

Kilmalkedar Church where some of my ancestors are resting.

PS: This is the sixteenth installment of the 21 Days Writing Series called The Journey: Into Your Soul Truth of Who You Are in Your Life and Work.

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