• Eimear Stassin

The Secret Garden

​I loved the book The Secret Garden as a child.  A classic English novel written by Frances Hodgson Burnett whose main character is Mary. It was her determination and curiosity that caught my attention first.  I used to journey with her as she followed the trail of clues laid out by nature (with a little help from a Robin) to solve the puzzle of the elusive entrance to a neglected garden on the grounds of the house where she was living. Hidden behind huge old grey stone walls, the doorway was locked and camouflaged beneath the vines of nature's unruliness.

Once she bravely found her way inside the garden, she began to tend it back to life. 

She befriended a curious boy named Colin who was bedridden due to illness.  His dismal fate kept him locked away indoors, hidden from the world outside. Undeterred, Mary saw past his beliefs that kept him bedridden and instead, nurtured him back to full health with the help of the healing power of nature and the secret garden.

What I love about this story is Mary's power of belief and her ability to dream a new story that ultimately led to the garden's revival and Colin's rebirth.  Her strong vision came from a hidden power within, that wasn't influenced by what others believed or thought. 

She followed the trail of her truth.

Along my journey, I've learnt the truth that each one of us has the power to choose how we journey through life.

This power is contained within the seeds of our potential.

These seeds may be buried deep inside, yearning for curious attention and patience to be tended back to life, with a little help from friends and nature too.

What potentially dismal fate are you choosing to believe?

What stories are you telling yourself?

What can you choose to believe instead?

What secret seeds of your soul truth lie dormant within you?

Nurture and grow these secret seeds so that you grow into the flourishing soul that you are.

To you and your secret garden awaiting your attention!

Eimear x

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