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The Signpost at the Crossroads

A series of signposts sit on the crossroads at the entrance to the estate where I grew up in Dublin. The signposts are clamped to a round pole.

My husband and I first met in Dublin towards the end of '96. We used to go on wee trips exploring Ireland on the weekends; heading off on a Friday evening after work on to our next adventure. I loved showing him "my" Island.

These were the times before we owned a mobile phone. SatNav had not yet ventured to these lands. It was only then, on these weekend adventures, that I realised how unreliable the Irish signposting system could be (along with my unreliable sense of direction!).

Everything to me is "just down the road" or "just around the corner". Within easy reach.

There's this unwritten knowing in Ireland that many of these Irish signposts, particularly the old ones, might not be pointing in their stated direction. This is where the fun begins!

Because maybe they are pointing in the right direction, and maybe they're not. It's the luck of the draw! Are you willing and patient enough to play this game?!

I've not yet figured out if it's the wind that turns the signs on their poles or a professional trickster whose sole role it is to confuse the hell out of those of us who rely on the signage being accurate.

Either way...

When we're at the crossroads of our work or life, we can choose to rigidly follow the sign on the pole pointing its way to a stated destination.


We can surrender to the possibilities of new ways and destinations presenting themselves to us that are much more soulfully aligned with the truth of who we are becoming.

This to me is the edge of limitless possibility that we journey on our paths into the soul truth of who we are.

The next time you visit Ireland, beware of the Irish signpost - it just might set you off on a great big exciting awe inspiring soulful wild adventure!

"Human beings do not find their essence through fulfillment or eventual arrival but by staying close to the way they like to travel, to the way they hold the conversation between the ground on which they stand and the horizon to which they go." - Close, David Whyte

As this 21 day writing series draws to a close for now, may you continue on this journey into the soul truth of who you are with the curiosity of an explorer and the patience of an Irish signpost.

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Eimear x

Leadership Trainer & Coach @ Stassin.co.uk

PS: This is the twenty first and FINAL(!!) installment of the 21 Days Writing Series called The Journey: Into Your Soul Truth of Who You Are in Your Life and Work.

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Thanks again for being here.

Eimear x

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