• Eimear Stassin

Through the Revolving Door

I was feeling stuck.


I felt I had done all that I had set out to create and deliver. And much much more in the exciting projects that we all, as a team, were involved in.

I had met amazing people. Diverse characters. Myself included.

Learnt a huge amount.

Yet a silent force was nudging me. It just wouldn't go away!

I was outgrowing my Corporate box. I knew it. I just didn't want to listen. Initially.

I began to wonder how much more I was capable of. I began to dream of possibilities. A job that I could co-create. Tribes of like minded (or not so like minded) people. Stepping out in my unique way. Of work and money flowing easefully. Of a new way of living in balance.

I wanted to develop my own brand.

My own colours that represented who I am.

Who I want to be.

To write in my own voice.

Not the businesses tone of voice (or Tony Voice as we called it).

I wanted to develop and offer my own products in response to what people needed. In a way that could be true and authentic for me.

I wanted to wear my slippers at home and develop my own dress code for the environments that I would work in.

Yes I would go back into Corporate with my offerings.

I am doing that right now.

The Corporate world has been very good to me.

And it continues to be so.

I discussed with my family.

I told my mum.

I told my boss.

I set a date and told the world.


No turning back now.

Feeling a cocktail of fear and excitement.

I pushed my chair away from my desk. Left a little post-it note on my computer screen. Saying;

"Eimear has left the building!".

I said my goodbyes for the last time, handed my work badge back; stepped into the revolving doors which swung me out onto the street.

There I stood, remembering how proud I felt walking up those steps and through that revolving door many years before.

And that same pride was there, combined with a sweet pick n mix of emotions as I walked down the road towards Haymarket Train Station.

Into the golden Spring sun of possibility.

You can read more about my journey to Freelance in Trainingzone here.

Are you where I was?

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