• Eimear Stassin

True Colours

My son really dislikes when I sing. The moment I even attempt to sing a word or two of a song, he's onto me in the form of telling me to be quiet and to stop singing. He gets very annoyed!

And on goes our dance with his reaction and my breaking into song at random moments throughout our days.

Last week I took him to town to get new school shoes. With holes appearing in the soles of his shoes, it was definitely time for our trip!

As I drove, I began singing the song "True Colours". Songs just eek out like that. I had heard it on the radio that morning and it wanted to be sung right then.

My son, immediately alert, with eyes shining, turned to me in the passenger seat and told me how they had being learning that very song in school that day.

I asked him to remind me how it went and amazingly, he began to sing it. With a sweet soulful holiness to his voice; in a tender shy almost whisper, he sang the whole song to me.

Oh my heart!

How his vibrant true colours shone through in that moment, so very tenderly soulful.

Your soul knows your song that's waiting to be sung as the full expression of who you truely are in this world.

"I see your true colors, shining through I see your true colors, and that's why I love you

So don't be afraid, to let them show Your true colors, true colors Are beautiful, like a rainbow."

- Sung by Cyndi Lauper

From me to you, and your unique expression of your true colours,

Eimear x

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