• Eimear Stassin


I was delivering a workshop in Berlin, Germany a couple of years ago. Over lunch one participant shared snippets of his life growing up right beside the Berlin Wall.

We got onto the topic of truth. He shared how important it was for him now as an adult to speak his truth at all times. Clear, direct truth delivered with kindness and authenticity. No barriers to the truth.

In his experience, when dealing with his colleagues in the British Isles, he felt the truth was lurking somewhere beneath the words that were spoken or not spoken; in the mismatch between what was said and body language. Incongruencies that he felt he had to decipher like a puzzle leaving him feeling confused and hurt at times.

David Whyte once said:

"Why say something in 5 words when you can say it in 20 words!", referring to the gift of being Irish!

Sometimes, the truth emerges, indirectly, from the sharing of our story over time in whatever form that takes. The true wisdom is held in the story.

It's a cycle, this truth telling which, as we shed the layers of untruths or conditioning of who we thought we were, we can circle back to who we really are - to our soul truth. A cyclical journey to our concise truth. A truth that comes in many shapes and sizes.

Let the walls of division come down as you journey to the soul truth of who you really are, whether that be the direct route or through your cyclical story,

Eimear x

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