• Eimear Stassin

Up-Side-Down, Metamorphosis & Support

Hugging my warm cup of tea, I gazed out the window and watched the sky turn a deeply rich golden yellow; then orange and, as it moved down below the pine trees, streaks of pink began to adorn the clouds. Like delicate strokes of a painters brush.

Silently, for whoever chose to observe, Nature was putting on yet another show on Vernal Equinox day (and my daughter's 15th Birthday!). I snapped this photo above through the little glass ball that's hanging from our window.

This morning, taking another look I realised that the image is inverted through the little globe. The houses and trees are up side down. Something I hadn't noticed when I took the photo. So entranced was I by nature's enchanting palette.

Oh what times we are living in.

As the virus silently spreads, it's impacting every aspect of our life wheels ~ Home, Work, Family, Finances, Health, Wellbeing, Travel, Spirituality, Nature....

Nature is challenging us to really slow down to a stop.

To focus on what is really important to us individually and collectively right now. To allow the rest to be placed to the side for now.

Nature is calling us to be nimble, flexible and adaptable, like the Shapeshifters of the Celtic Myths - the Selkies and the Kelpies....and many more (deserving of another blog!).

We are being called to be a part of this collective metamorphosis where we will come out the other side transformed.


Our world is certainly being turned up-side-down.

Now is the time to focus on what's really important to us and our earth.

Now is the time to work our magic; reignite our gifts and share these with the world in ways that are most useful and catalyzing.

And so, I ask you, how are you doing with all that's happening?

What do you need from me?

How can I support you?


Here are some online resources that you can access right now:

Slow Down: Nature-based Meditations

Online Course: Feminine in Coaching starting on 24th March

Online Interview: Honouring the Mother

Podcast: Being Celtic Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times


How are you doing and being, like really doing and being, right now?

What support do you have access to?

How can I support you?

What difference does all of this make for you now?

Reply to this blog and let me know.

With love in these times,


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