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Voyage of Discovery

Photo: Brandon Creek, Dingle. Source: Alamy Stock Photo

Saint Brendan was the 6th Century Irish Monk who is said to have set sail from a tiny little cove called Brandon Creek, or Cuas a Bhodaigh in Irish, on the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland. Sailing in a Naomhóg or Currach, a traditional Irish boat made of timber frame with animal hide stretched over it and waterproofed.

It was a voyage that took him and his crew seven years, visiting the Island of Iona off Scotland, The Faroe Islands, Iceland, Newfoundland and may have reached North America hundreds of years before Christopher Columbus!

I remember that beautiful sweet silence on a calm day the last time I stood at Brandon Creek. Walking down the road, with a nod to where Grand-Uncle Tom used to live and, rounding the corner to gaze out past the pier to the utter vastness of the ocean beyond. Where wild Atlantic waves would have tickled and tempted St Brendan's boat on what must have been a tumultuously exhilarating voyage.

I do wonder how he and his crew must have felt as they set sail on that day, cited around 535 AD; into that vast, mysterious unknown ocean of promising possibility.

Were the scared, fearful, curious?

Was Brendan "bricking it"?

Or were they confident that, in following their vision that land did exist out West beyond Ireland's rugged coastline, they would satiate their visionary quest on behalf of themselves, bringing back stories for their followers?

I like to think of Brendan and his crew as pioneering explorers of their time, with a curious sense of adventure, masses of courage, most likely humour and immense trust to step onto that boat and sail into their salty sea faring yearnings to reach those Promised Lands. They were the futurists that we need now.

Because this IS the Journey.

THIS is what it is all about.

When we treat life as our own unique voyage of discovery, we can liberate ourselves feeling tied to following the well trodden path, creating our way to tread instead. The stories we create in that process of the actual journey, we can share with others to inspire them to do the same. This voyage of discovery is a healing journey and is the way in-to our soul truth of who we are in life and work.

We are the modern day explorers who are pioneering new paradigms and ways of living and working in this world beyond the current structures. Using all of the attributes that St Brendan would have had to help us on our way!

Journey with me into the vastness of your subconscious with Soul Based Coaching. Even when you are "bricking it" like Brendan, you CAN step on board and set sail into the journey of YOUR soul truth in your life and work.

Discover your calling today and book a discovery call with me here.

To you and your amazing voyages of discovery,

Eimear x

Leadership Trainer & Coach @ Stassin.co.uk

Host & Producer of Where's the F in Leadership Global Online Summit

This is the twentieth installment of the 21 Days Writing Series that I'm taking part in called The Journey: Into Your Soul Truth of Who You Are in Your Life and Work.

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