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{Webinar} Celebrating Brigid - Keeper of the Sacred Flame & Imbolc + Going Deeper Offer

What a beautiful, moving and very powerful post-summit celebration we had last night - 184 people live around the globe claiming this time in celebrating each other and honouring

Triple Goddess w i t c h Brigid


Poet, weaver, smithcrafter, keeper of the sacred flame, midwife, healer...

During the webinar we explored:

~ Fire - Destructive or Catalyzing? Fiery poetry to whet our appetite...

~ Imbolc & Traditions remembered from my mother line

~ Brigid's story rewritten for these times - weaving herstory whole again

~ A guided meditation journey to meet with Brigid and her sacred fires to receive your unique messages on the spiral of your life's journey.

~ An offer to go deeper with my self-paced healing journey to your sacred sovereign truth

~ A final poem called Nourishing Your Soul Seeds

Imbolc energies are still so very alive.

Here are the words I shared, my note creations, in this little book of word magic that I created for you!

Access the Replay Here!​

Here is the Witches Rise Up poem that I wrote (with the witches) and shared in my last summit - that we chanted at the end of our webinar here too:

Witches Rise Up and Return to Your Power
Witches Rise Up, Now is the Hour!
Witches Rise Up and step on to your throne
Witches Rise Up, it's time to come home!

Would you like to go deeper?

I also shared a nourishing opportunity to sink in deeper to your healing journey with the Celtic Medicine Wheel (or the Witches Wheel!) as your guide with this self-paced online journey in the form of the Evergreen course:

Return to Your Sacred Sovereign Truth

~ Re-building your Elemental Foundations & Journey Home around the Celtic Medicine Wheel ~

Online Self-paced Healing Journey containing the magic of original poetry, storytelling, meditation journeys and much more!

Here's a preview of the course curriculum below or click here to find out more - it's available to purchase lifetime access for £55!

Class 1

Earth, The South & The Amhran Mor ~ Reconnect with Your Earthen Roots and Return Home to the Soul Song of Your Life.

Tend to your soul's garden and lay the foundations for your healing journey

Class 2

Water, The West & Goddess Bóinn ~ Dive into the Waters of Your Soul and Experience their Magical Depths.

Reconnect with your unique flow within these waters that surge through your DNA

Class 3

Fire, The East, Brigid ~ The fire’s at Uisneach are ablaze. Burn & Transmute. Re-Birth anew into Your Sovereign Truth

Rebuild your foundation of fire as you walk your unique path to your sovereignty

Class 4

Air, The North, The Cailleach ~ Air Takes His Seat in the Direction of the North. The Unknown. The To Be Lived.

The Cailleach Witch calls for you to be fierce; to strip away your lies and return to your center, your heart as you take your place back on your throne

Class 5

Sacred Sovereign Center, Goddess Ériú ~ Return to Your Truth. All Paths Lead You To Your Sacred Center.

All the paths that you have walked lead you here - to center. Our ancients and the (pre-) Celts and ancients knew this.

Class 6

Celebration, Integration & Next Steps ~ The Ending and the Beginning of Your Next Cycle As You Continue to Embody Your Sacred Sovereign Truth

Create your sacred practical steps for how you wish to continue embodying all that you are in your sovereign power.

Yes! I want to journey home! Click Here!

What attendees are saying about this course:

Eimear I am deeply grateful for you and this class you created. It was rich and full and you created a lovely container for us to explore the Celtic medicine wheel, Goddesses and elements...and ourselves, our souls. Thank you for making it so accessible!!! And to be able to return to it over and over again is invaluable! Both Brigid and the Cailleach were pivotal Goddesses in my journey through the Celtic medicine wheel. It has shown me that I am not alone in what I find important, in my values, in what I hold dear. And it has renewed my interest in the elements and given me a better understanding of the medicine wheel. I am interested in carrying this tool forward in my life. It’s given me foundations to stand within and on with all that comes up in my life. — Maura Powers-Moulton, Pennsylvania, USA

Of course you can step onto the spiral wheel at any point and can take this course in any order that you feel called to.

As always, reply to this blog if you have any questions or would welcome a free discovery call chat with me to see how I can further support you on your journey.

Le grá go deo / with love forever,

Eimear xxx

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