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{Webinar Replay & Exciting New Online Program Announcement!} Witches, Rise Up! Step into Your Power

The Age of w i t c h is here!

I want to share my Webinar that took place last night. It brings with it solstice energy that is so alive and healing. It's called:

Calling You to Rise Up & Step Magnificently into Your Power

with me, your host, Eimear Stassin

We connected. We shared. We told stories. We chanted. We meditated. We healed for us and them, w i t c h.

You can watch the replay here:

During this Webinar, I share:

~ At timestamp 9:55 mins: the story of my experience visiting Newgrange over the recent years. How the experience ignited my inner spark connecting me to my inner power and my light within

~ At timestamp 22 mins: I guide you on an experiential meditation journey to connect with your light; your inner power; your strength as we heal, rise up and step magnificently into our individual and collective power creating beautiful ripples around the cosmos

~ At timestamp 50 mins: I announce about my exciting new and fresh off the writing block 3 month online group program called "Witches Rise Up and Return to Your Power". I've freshly and intuitively created this program following the powerful energies of the Healing the Witch Wound Summit. Scroll down to find out more!

~ At timestamp 1:16:16: The long Irish Goodbye with one final chant of our witchy mantra, Witches, Rise Up!

Here is more information about this exciting new program:

Witches Rise Up and Return to Your Power Program Outline:

Class 1: Cast w i t c h, cast

- Irish Goddess Emer & Nimble Vixen - cast your self anew ~

Class 2: Ignite w i t c h, ignite

- Triple Goddess Brigid, Imbolc & Sacred Cow ~ Ignite the sacred flame of remembrance within you

Class 3: Heal w i t c h, heal

- Roman Goddess Diana of the Woods & Gentle Deer ~ Step into your fierce, focused, gentle power

Class 4: Rebirth w i t c h, rebirth

- Divine Masculine, The Father, Dream time & Symbolism ~ birthing your new reality

Class 5: Speak w i t c h, speak

- Voice, Lir, The Children of Lir & The Swan ~ Reconnecting with your true voice; with your soul song

Class 6: Rise w i t c h, rise

- Spring Equinox, Rise up with Visionary Hawk ~ Walking the Celtic Wheel home

Class 7: w i t c h, rise up and return to your power

- The Age of w i t c h has returned!

Purchase today for £333 or pay in installments of £123 over 3 months.

**Enrol before 11:59pm on 28th December 2020**

I'm in! Purchase today


Join this healing revolution for humanity’s evolution.

Unearth your truth.

Weed out your rotten roots.

Their purpose they have served.

This program will support you on your healing journey from shamed and blamed to fully reclaimed…

~ aspects of yourself that you might never have known existed before this program ~ before they began to prod you back to wholeness!

Wise person, healer, seer, pioneer, bridgewalker, shapeshifter, trailblazer…

The age of w i t c h is here!

Enjoy the Webinar and join the gathering witches when you feel called.

With so much grace, light, power and love,

Have a beautiful winter Solstice.

Eimear x

Host & Producer of Healing the Witch Wound Global Online Summit

Trainer & Coach @ Stassin.co.uk

Journey to Your Sacred Sovereign Truth - Checkout the Self-Paced Online Healing Journey

Newgrange Monument

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