• Eimear Stassin

What happens when we dream a new story?

I step inside, seeking solace in the silence of this sacred space.

I drop some coins into the metal box as payment to light a candle.

They land and echo around the emptiness of the quiet church.

I take my seat on polished wooden pew and gaze around me.

All is quiet except for the faint sounds of the traffic outside.

I savour the peacefulness.

The sun shines in through the gorgeously elaborate and vibrant stained glass windows, suddenly illuminating a story of immense suffering and extreme pain on the journey to salvation.

Speaking to me of the consequences that speaking out may lead to a painful penalty.

Follow the rules, or you will be shut down.

Obey, or you will be silenced.

I can feel a dormant anger igniting inside my belly. The spark has been flickering for a while now.

And then I hear the question vibrating inside my heart:

Where IS she?

The energy of the question flickers its way up through my body rising to heat my face. My cheeks on fire, my eyes moisten producing hot healing tears that caress my face and drop on to the tiled floor below.

Creating a little cooling puddle.

My blurry gaze turns to the ornate altar ahead of me adorned with a giant golden cross that hangs from the high ceiling and holds him, her son. His stone head bowed. I imagine what it would be like if that was my son up there and quickly try to un-imagine this thought.

Then, I see an image of Mary, The Mother, in my minds eye. She is cradling her newborn son.

The image fills me with warmth, love and nourishment.

Then it's gone.

I'm left wondering:

What if we adorned these sacred spaces with the image of The Mother. As a symbol of love, peace and timeless devotion?

What happens when we move Her from her place of relegation at the back of the church and return her to her rightful place, center stage, to bring balance to the altar?

What if we changed the story, from one of pain and suffering to one of dreaming into the new paradigms that we want to see in the world?

...when we have the courage to speak the soul truths that lie dormant in our hearts.

What difference does this make to our current structures and to our world?

I blow out the candle and turn towards the giant wooden doors.

Stepping outside into the daylight once again, I return to wander in the sacred spaces of Mother Nature's woodland temples in contemplation (and hope) of the new paradigms that we are already building together, both individually and collectively.

New paradigms in all parts of our lives that are balanced, inclusive, that work in harmony with our energies and are radically sustainable.

Shifts are happening.

If you attended the Where's the F in Leadership Global Online Summit in December, you may recognise some of these sentiments and words.

How do they resonate with you? Email me and let me know.

To you and your unique journey,

Eimear x

PS: I have deep respect for the paths that people choose to walk and to those who devote their lives to our sacred religious structures. What I share above are the words that have flowed today to represent my journey over the last few years from church to the woods (nature's cathedral) as I contemplate and share my soul truths.

PPS: This is the fifth installment of the 21 Days Writing Series called The Journey: Into Your Soul Truth of Your Life and Work. Of course, you can also unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link below.

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