• Eimear Stassin

When Puppy Brings Balance

This little bundle joins our family in two weeks' time, bringing with him joy, chaos, fun, giggles, muddy puppy paws, chewed slippers and many more surprises I'm sure!

Unbeknownst to puppy, he's also bringing with him a very important gender balance to our household.

Today being International Men's Day, it's a day to "celebrate boys' and men's achievements and contributions", from the International Men's Day website.

Which reminded me of a blog I wrote in January this year called 7 Lessons I learnt from my Father. I remember it being a challenge to write these seven simple lessons, yet cathartic at the same time, because they came from deep within my own lived experience; shared from the lens of my older (and slightly wiser?!) self, 26 years on.

Reading this blog again this morning, I realise that my father's death left a great big imbalance in all of our lives. As a family unit; as a wider community and in how we all grieved his passing in our unique and different ways. Life felt different from that moment on. Certain things just didn't matter anymore and instantly fell away. Different things took on a greater, deeper meaning.

With death comes the letting go; then birth and rebirth in the continual movement of the spiral of life. My journey continues to be like this - a return to balance and wholeness. In my family life and my soul work here in this life. Maybe you resonate with this too?

My next FREE online summit is called Healing the Witch Wound. It's all about this - walking the bridge home to wholeness; healing our wounds, turning towards our shadows; shining the light of remembrance on our sacred sovereign truth. Who knows, maybe puppy will make an appearance or two too during the week we go live, from 29th November!

You can find out more if you haven't already registered for it here.

To my husband; my son and all the men in my life - I celebrate you and all that you bring as we walk our individual and collective spirals home to balance and wholeness.

To puppy - thank you for already teaching me lessons on this spiral path! I can't wait for you to join us in 2 weeks time!

PS: Puppy is a Blue Border Collie of Australian and Scottish parentage. His loving, caring and so very attentive breeder took this photo and does several Facebook lives a day to keep us all in touch with this beautiful litter's growth and development. Puppy chose us, so to speak, when we went to visit a few weeks ago! #purepuppylove

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