• Eimear Stassin

Where's the F in Leadership?

Back in March, a training colleague of mine told me, during our conversation that I needed to:

Get out more. - Training Colleague

What she really meant (or what I interpreted) was that it would be a good thing to attend the right kind of networking events in order to expand my circle of soul clients.

She sent me a link to an event run by DisruptHR in Glasgow.

Along I went dutifully. Alone. Curious and ready to listen.

As I walked through the wide foyer of Glasgow's Corinthian building and stepped up the grey plush carpeted stairs, I heard a knowing voice within me that simply said:

You're going to speak at this next time. - Intuition

I opened the great big wooden door into a welcoming bright and friendly atmosphere and just followed along with my knowing. Sweeping aside the comment in that moment.

Yet on the train home that night, I emailed Katrina, the organiser, to volunteer to speak at the next round in June. Because I knew I had to feel the fear and do it anyway, when listening and following the voice of my intuition.

Listen and watch my talk below. It's 5 minutes long. Based on the Japanese presentation style, PechaKucha. 20 slides which rotate automatically every 15 seconds. There was no other way than, just "doing it"!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on;

~ where your F in your leadership is?

~ Do you agree that it's time to create a new balanced leadership paradigm?

You can read more about how the experience was for me in my June blog - I likened the experience to doing a Bungy Jump!

I loved the experience and the resultant feedback.

Getting out more wasn't quite so terrifying after all! My intuition and my feminine within had my back!

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