Return to Your Sacred Sovereign Truth

~ Re-building your Elemental Foundations & Journey Home with the Celtic Medicine Wheel ~


















As the foundations of our global systems and structures are violently crumbling; falling; crashing chaotically to the ground beneath our feet, it's sending tremors reverberating around the globe that are so persistent,

they are





We are being called, individually and collectively, to re-examine every aspect of our wheel of life.

All that we call The Truth.

To acknowledge that all roads actually lead to our sacred sovereignty and not to Rome, as the Empire thought!



Culture of Domination. 

Death Economy.

It's all wobbling to its knees, clawing and clinging to the remnants of imperial control.

Blood and bullets.

Tears of tragedy.

The shaky colonial foundations of superiority and suppression; of power over; of better than...

Of white over black.

Cultures silenced and repressed...


Hierarchies built so high they've severed us from the roots of our ancient wisdom; from our fundamental values.

From Her.

Our living,





Many have forgotten why they're here.

Are walking someone else's path.

Have sold their soul to a rotting system resulting in 

Dis-ease, Depression, Chronic Illness....


We're watching in alarm as continued deforestation is stifling our lungs, Species extinct that can only be brought to life in stories to our children....

images and words of a world that once was.


Mother Earth is warning.

Sacred sites are calling.

Parched ground is rumbling.








as our systems are losing their global grip.

This time of the collective corona pause is waking us up to the possibility of a New Earth. Of new ways of living and working that really can be in harmony with our seasons and cycles; our ebbs and flows; our innate natures.

When we create the spaciousness, stillness and silence, we can co-create new structures that will be built in what John Perkins calls the Life Economy and Riane Eisler calls the Partnership System.


Our soul knows our Real Truth

It will show us the way when we slow down and listen.

Seeding growing trust with every step we take.

Whispers of intuition in our ear upon waking

to dawn chorus of sweet songbirds.

It surges our spirit and spurs us on.

We feel braver and stronger.

Synchronistically meeting soul friends;

growing a tribe of willing warriors and shapeshifting activists.

Urging us to bring the symphony of our collective voices to the surface with a smile and a nod as we build new, sturdy soul infused foundations. 


Where we live in the world of our dreams

eating soul food and

swimming in the waters of caring community circles.












We have traveled a long way, through many lives, 

dear friend.


Come closer.

Join me and all who are gathering.


Remove the many masks behind which you hide.

Let the heavy cloaks of your own deception fall to the ground.

Take off your shoes now.

Breathe deeper.

Feel the soles of your bare feet on the earth as

She breathes you back to life.

Root by tender root.

Step by tiny step.


Reconnect with your original earthen roots.

Listen to the humming of your ancestors as they sing the ancient songs of your lineage back to you.

Feel the memory of all that wants to flow through you, in the waters of your bloodlines.

Join the 5-week Returning to Your Sacred Sovereignty Program Today for a

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Lay down your battered battle weapons. 

Wash your weariness away.

Soulful sovereign sisters are gathering.

The door has opened wide enough to remind you...

to let your light shine through as it finds you.

This is your time.

We need you!


Join us for the 5-week online program to rebuild your foundations as we journey around the Cardinal Directions and the Celtic Medicine Wheel. We'll navigate our way in, through the four elements:







and the four directions:







Meet the warriors and goddesses of ancient Celtic myth to guide you and give you strength on your journey home to your sacred sovereign truth. Know how to apply this to your everyday life and co-create the new world that you wish to see, with renewed courage, bravery and focus.

Here's what we will cover in our 5 weeks together:


Program Outline:


Week 1: Earth

Reconnect with your earthen roots and return home to the soul song of your life. 

We explore the cardinal direction of the south; your roots and connection with the earth beneath your feet as you walk your unique path through life. 

You'll answer questions such as:

Where are your roots?

What wants to flow through your roots to call you home?

Find out what this means for you in week 1 as we lay the foundations for all 5 weeks together.



Week 2: Water

The waters of your soul are waiting for you to dive in and explore their magical depths! The direction of the West and your ancestors.  We'll call on Lugh, the warrior of craft and magic as we surrender to the memories 

of ancient wisdom to be called forth through you for modern times.

Can you rediscover the sacred river of your soul?

Reconnect with your unique flow within the waters of your soul.













Week 3: Fire


The fire at Uisneach, the sacred (and geographic) center of Ireland, is ablaze, continuing the ritual of ancient tribes. What is ready to be released, burnt and transmuted? What's burning with desire through you? What is re-birthing like the phoenix from the ashes?

Meet with fire in the direction of the east. The future, action, divine masculine power. Meet Brigid, the ancient triple goddess. Hear what gifts she awakens within you. Rebuild your foundation of fire as you walk your unique path to your sovereignty. 












Week 4: Air


Notice the wind that plays and tousles your hair; as trees and flowers dance with his strength. Air takes his seat in the direction of the north. The unknown, the not yet lived; the directions of the heavens.

The battle outwith reflects the battle within.

Lean into your battle within to bring solace and peace, creating space for the sacred breath of spirit to blow through you. Meet The Cailleach, the Old Hag.

In connecting with Her, you connect to the landscape of your own becoming.

She calls for you to be fierce; to strip away your lies and return to your center, your heart. 













Week 5: Return to Your Sacred Sovereignty


Your sacred sovereignty resides at the intersection of all 4 elemental directions. It's within you. All the paths that you have walked lead you here. Our ancients and the Celts knew this. The Tuath De Dannan (The People of the Goddess Danu) worshipped Danu - Goddess of fertility and the earth - the Divine Mother. 

She is waiting for you to remember; to reconnect with Her in order to live your Truth in the world so desperate for your unique medicine and gifts.

It's time to return to your sacred sovereign truth.

To Mother Earth.

To Her.


We meet weekly on Zoom, starting on 7 July 2020 for 5 consecutive weeks.

All sessions will be recorded, however it's preferable that you attend live to fully benefit from our activating circle. 

Join the 5-week Returning to Your Sacred Sovereignty Program Today for a

Special Summer Solstice Sale Price of £177.

(Normally £329)

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The fire is ablaze with the soaring energy of possibility.

Take your seat now in our circle.

Offer all that you no longer need to these eternal fires.

The outdated, the conditioning; the domestication;

the good girl/boy; the misaligned lies and beliefs;

all that you have outgrown; all that no longer serves you.


Watch as it turns to ash now, to be tousled by the wind and dissolved into the earth with your healing tears.

Creating space so that only the truth of your life force energy will survive and emerge in a re-birthing of new foundations upon which you will walk.


Your path extends out before you now and opens up with each new and brave step that you take,

revealing to you the new, radically regenerative and life giving world of your dreams. 

This is becoming your reality now.



This is all possible.

It is that easeful in the end!

Once you surrendered and trusted.

You walked your way in to rebuild your foundations.

You reconnected with your sacred sovereignty;

at the intersection of four primal elements.

You felt the rising of your power and turned towards all that you feared;

all that you threw behind

bolted castle door of your past,

brutally barricaded and pushed down

for eons.

Join the 5-week Returning to Your Sacred Sovereignty Program Today for a

Special Summer Solstice Sale Price of £177.

(Normally £329)

Enrol below and receive your welcome email with further information.

Thank you for hearing the call; listening and taking action.

Thank you for being here and joining us in circle.

An amazing, transformational and shapeshifting journey awaits!

With love and blessings,

Eimear x

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