Taking great care of yourself

How it works:

Module 1:

  • Overview of Mental Health & why stigma exists in workplaces


Module 2:

  • Workplace Stress and Wellbeing


Module 3:

  • Practical Case Studies

  • Real anonymised case studies to apply your learning

  • Discussion

  • Next Steps


These modules are very interactive with individual and group exercises. For groups of between 12-20 people.


I make sure you have space and time to reflect on your own mental health first in order that you can lead your team(s).


We explore practical tools that can help you be more in tune when developing your relationship with yourself and your people. Tools that you can apply straight away in your workplace.


While we explore different models, much of the learning is from your peers in the room real time.  Through discussion; case studies and personal reflection.


This combination of theory with experiential learning aims to increase awareness on Mental Wellbeing and provide practical support to Managers/ Leaders and all Employees.


“It’s as much an inside job as it is an outside job.”


1 hour Awareness

½ day

Full Day

2 Days

A rolling programme

Clients Testimonials:

"The Mental Wellbeing Workshop was really informative, Eimear was super friendly and spoke about important issues in a non-judgmental way. 


Everything about the session, including Eimear's friendliness, humour and general demeanour, helped to dispel any notion of judgement.


I recommend this to friends and colleagues and I look forward to future workshops. 


This workshop is not just relevant to my role, but to my life!"

~ Kate Powell, Investment Services, Aegon UK

“Very positive session, would recommend to all.


Presented in clear useful pieces of information that was memorable. The training I received offered tips and advice and will help me support the team I manage.


Personally having greater awareness has helped me identify when a need for lifestyle change is required.”


“Really engaging delivery. Liked the interactive style of the course.”

Ask me about:

Bespoke half-day / full-day or 2 days Workshop and/or a rolling programme of events tailored to your Workplace needs.


Choosing from the options above.


As well as the programme, on completion, you will receive:

  • A comprehensive complimentary practical guide to help you apply the learning in the workplace

  • Certificate celebrating your continuing professional development

  • Your next steps in promoting workplace wellbeing.

Your next step:

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